Thursday, February 15, 2007

Machu Picchu

Mountain views

I swear I gave away eight of my nine lives on the train and road trip to get up to this vertiginous spot, but it sure was worth it. Machu Picchu is totally incredible, even if you have already spent the previous 2 days traipsing around Inca ruins. Nothing can prepare you for the location - perched on a saddleback ridge so high above the raging Riobamba river that the toilets gave a whole new meaning to "long drop" (actually, I´m speculating slightly here, but if I was building a citadel that high above the river with a sheer drop down, I´d sure be using that to my advantage and amusement). The mist was very atmospheric, and there were even a small herd of llamas conveniently wandering around for photo opportunities.

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