Thursday, January 03, 2008

Heaven is ...

Heaven is ...
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... a new Xbox and a man-sized bean bag.
I know I'm a glutton for punishment, given Phil's fondness for computer games, but I just couldn't resist shocking the pants off him by getting him an Xbox for Christmas. After he recovered, he said it was like giving an alcoholic a bottle of rum, but I figure he'll be so ridiculously busy with work this year he'll hardly have time to scratch, let alone play on it.
The bean bag was a Woodford purchase, and it is soooo comfy.

Dancing in the Woodford mud

Dancing in the mud
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Woodford ... rainy one day, quagmire the next, but a bloody good time nonetheless!
After my first Woodford experience in 05/06 being one of scorching temperatures and stifling humidity, this year's Woodford Folk Festival was almost washed off the side of the mountain courtesy of a low pressure system sulking off the Queensland coast for much of the time. It rained, and rained, then rained some more, turning the festival grounds into an active river system interspersed with mud pits.
But it was still an unbelievably awesome time, with great music, incredible food, intoxicating atmosphere and challenging talks. Highlights for us were Wild Marmalade, Pejvaak, Kate Fagan, S Sorensen, the Byron Bay Organic Doughnuts (again!), Common Ground and of course, the company of Dean and Lisa.
Lots more photos on my Flickr site although due to the weather, I focused on pictures of muddy feet and shoes... strange, but it tickled my fancy. This particular photo was taken INSIDE a music tent, where dancing feet like these had squelched everything into a sodden mess. But it was so much fun.