Friday, January 30, 2009

You know you're a local when ...

...the woman at the local bakery knows what loaf you always buy.
... the guy at the fruit and veg shop feels comfortable enough commenting on your expanding pregnant belly even when it's still small enough to just be a beer gut. get a wave when you walk past the hardware store.
...courier and parcel services don't bother trying to drive up the Driveway From Hell anymore, they just park at the bottom and walk up.

Monday, January 19, 2009

So you're going to be a Dad

My forward-thinking parents bought Phil this book for Christmas (So You're Going To Be A Dad, by Peter Downey), and much to my surprise, he read it cover to cover in just a few days.
I say 'surprise' because, unlike me, Phil is a more practical, logical hands-on guy who, rather than dither, research extensively, read widely, dither some more, procrastinate and finally act on a random whim, has an instinct for the right thing to do and just does it.
At last count I had about five books to do with getting pregnant, pregnancy, childbirth and child-raising by my bedside. In my defence, most are donations from friends and family, but I have read most of them at least in part, and in the case of the childbirth book, have even been taking notes. Despite this, I suspect all that rationalisation and logic is going to go completely pear-shaped once reality kicks in/the first contractions hit.
Anyway, this book by Downey is actually a very enjoyable read, and written with great wit, humour and wry observation (yes, I read it through too), so I can see why Phil is enjoying it so much. It's very non-prescriptive, non-judgemental and pleasantly honest.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Love in the mountain air

Our good friends Em and Dan - Bianca's former housemates, now of London - exchanged vows, rings and numerous loving glances last weekend at a stunning wedding in Leura and Katoomba.
I got to play bridesmaid for the first time in my life, which was so much fun. I managed to find a dress that succeed in making me look elegant while covering the Sprout's ever-expanding domain, and Phil got to play chauffeur to the married couple after the ceremony.
It was the most beautiful day - the sun even came out during the ceremony in a fruitless attempt to outshine the gorgeous couple.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas at Treetops

"I shot the sheriff..."
Treetops hosted its first Christmas this/last year, featuring Mum, Dad and Matty and a visit from Mary and Dave Keeling.
We had the usual features of a Nogrady Christmas - huge numbers of presents, copious quantities of wine and bubbly, more food than we could possibly eat in a year and lots of afternoon naps.
But unlike previous Christmases, we actually got a bit of exercise on this one - three good solid mountain walks in the heat. Of course, we then had to eat extra to make up for all that calorie burning.
And we enjoyed quite a few excellent vegetarian meals cooked by Phil, so slightly fewer beasties than usual were sacrificed to the Christmas gods this year.
Lucy, Dave and of course Nan were sorely missed but what's Christmas without a few tugs on the heart strings.
And special mention to Matty's inflatable moose head, and Dad's steak t-shirt - displayed here with great pride alongside Phil's "I love tofu" t-shirt!