Sunday, February 04, 2007

Great Vegi Restaurant!

If you are ever in Arequipa you need to try the Mandalay Vegetarian Restaurant…yep even if you aren’t vegi. A lot of the traditional cuisine is vegetarian and many can’t afford meat. Bianca found this one for me (In't she good!) and we had the most amazing set menu for 5 soles (that’s 2aud or 80p)!! I felt so guilty paying so little for a 4 course meal. So what did we have for our hard earned cash?
1) Salad with a slice of bread
2) A drink made of black corn which tasted like a berry drink
3) A shot glass of a home made sweet yogurt drink
4) Soup made up of corn, rice, potato, other root vegies, herbs and anything else sitting around. It was so healthy and yummy.
5) Vegetarian lasagne with rice and beans (we guess lima beans as we are in Peru)
6) Mango fool for desert
I know! Ok you can close your gob now…
Tonight we might be going to that all time international vegi favourite Govinda’s which is a Hare Krishna joint (Hi Andy and Kate, wish you were here).

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