Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dave's Pics - The Preparation

Many thanks to Dave and Lucy for providing these pictures of the preparation for the main event...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Here's to you Mrs (and Mr) Robinson

Yup, it's official - Mrs and Mrs Robinson (The Couple Formerly Known As Bianca And Phil) are wedded, and what an incredible event it was! Amongst the many amazing things was the feeling of looking out at the crowd and seeing so many faces of people we love and who love us. There's really no other ceremony like it in life, where everyone special to you, minus those outrageous jet-setters, gets together in one place.
We didn't have a formal photographer at the wedding and would love to see any and all photos and video taken, so please email or post your shots to us!
It was such a beautiful, wonderful, loving day and we're both still on a high from it, thanks to yous all.
Currently, we're in hot, dry Broken Hill after a long day driving from Dubbo through some amazing desert. Had an lovely day pootling around the zoo, but mostly we're just enjoying relaxing, reading, snuggling and being a nauseating newly-married pair. Now that I don't have to fit into a wedding dress anymore, I'm also really enjoying the leftover cupcakes, wine and chocolate.
Our vague travel plan is to aim for Ceduna as a turn-around point, which will take us around the Eyre Peninsula and along the Bight, then back through Adelaide and as many wine-growing regions as the liver will permit, before meandering back through Victoria and NSW. We will start taking photos soon, but we're still coming back to Terra Firma.
Big thanks to everyone who came to the wedding for making it special, to our families for being our families, to Niche Nosh for such fabulous food and staff, to our celebrant Maureen Williams for her beautiful ceremony, to Collit's Inn for providing such a stunning venue, to Wentworth Falls CupCakery for their cup cakes, to Madjestic Mini Bus Tours for getting guests safely home ... I'm sure there are others but that's it from us for now ... it's beer o'clock.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pam and Keith at Govett's Leap

Finally, the Blue Mountains turned on the kind of weather that makes my heart sing when I get up in the morning, and I was able to coax Pam and Keith away from painting our downstairs doors, and out into the bush. Now if only we could get this kind of weather for next Saturday ... everybody, start praying/begging/sacrificing chickens/crossing fingers.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Thai test card...waiting
I have been stuck in Bangkok. Sounds like fun eh? Well it started with over 4 hours on a dud plane on the tarmac. The AC was crook so the plane was hot. I got no food or water. Then there was the mixed up transfer to a hotel an hour away. And then a wait in the hotel till the same time the next day.
I thought this photo from the hotel tv at 01:40am was apt. It summed up the last 30 hours.
Oh and the entertainment system was broke again. Well now I am at the gate. Fingers crossed everyone.
Hope to cya soon.
Oh just had an announcement the plane is delayed for ANOTHER 3 hours =(

Seat for bored husbands of eager shoppers

Thoughtfully provided by one of the local businesses in Leura, this seat came in very handy for Keith as Pam and I poked through Leura's many tempting shops ... although we were very restrained and didn't buy anything.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Work it!

I'm a terrible daughter-in-law (well, daughter-in-law to-be). Pam and Keith, Phil's parents, have travelled all the way from Yorkshire for our wedding in two weeks, and what have I got them doing? Painting the bathroom! They've also stacked our messy woodpile, cleared up the building materials from downstairs, and washed up numerous times. I have actually been trying to get them to rest and relax, but they're unstoppable.

Monday, September 03, 2007

What’s the first thing you must do in London…?

Ok don’t look at the picture to the right…

Imagine that you have traveled half way around the world from Blackheath in the Blue Mountains to Charing Cross in the heart of London. You have been sat doing nothing or sleeping and been feed airplane food for 24 hours with very small cups of tea or coffee. Now look deep inside yourself, while imagining these things, and reach for your heart’s desire… Now look at the photo on the right. Scary isn’t it!! A full fry up breakfast in a greasy spoon café in the backstreets of Camden Town! I had to have a large café latte instead of the mug of tea which you can normally stand your tea spoon up in though.

Straight legs on the plane

For those lovely people who are concerned about my legs on long haul flights I give you this picture of my legs on the flight to Bangkok. Other than the straight legs First Class is really not worth it. Also just so you know…First class is NOT filled with rock stars and interesting people. First class is boring. Even though it was a free upgrade I think I would rather hang out with the plebs in Business Class ;)

Got some good sleep but the entertainment system did not work so no new films. It was funny because they mentioned they had a new touch screen, on demand system on the tanoy and then in the magazine for it then to not work. When they switched it on the little Microsoft Vista logo came up (Im sure Bianca is ranting by now about Vista) and it just didn’t work. They soft rebooted, hard rebooted, kicked it etc all the time giving the whole plane a running commentary about ‘one more trick up my sleeve’. Well it didnt work!! And this system also controlled my overhead lights so they didn’t work either!

A steward said to me in the end that they had put in 3 servers instead of 5 and used existing cabling rather than fiber optics and he wanted me to complain as it happens all the time and he writes it up in his reports and nothing is done. Well I hope it is sorted for my return flight…

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Up, up and away...again...

First Class coffee

3 weeks before the big day and I’m off to the UK for a business meeting… Hmmm priorities? Well at least I have been upgraded to First Class!! Yeah, yeah I know environmental nightmare…oh well what could I do?!? Thought I would share some pictures as I wait in the lounge. Funny that no matter what class you fly it is still boring. At least the coffee is ok but I am being a good boy… 1 coffee and no alcohol so hopefully I can keep leg issues at bay.

We have been rushing around trying to get the house ready for guests. Still sooo much to do but the place is very livable…not just livable but gorgeous. Someday I will be working from home and not jetting off around the world…

Talking of which I have been setting up my home office space downstairs. Bianca has had her space upstairs for ages now so it is so good to get my own space for creativity/work. I have treated myself to an adjustable desk (electric) which goes a treat with my old trusty steed the Bambach Saddle Seat. The Bambach has been great over the last 5 years (at least).

1 more hour to go…ho hum