Saturday, February 17, 2007

Innocent Peru

Peru is one of those countries that is still very Innocent; he outside world is very new to them. Two instances made Bianca and I grin ear to ear.
The first one was a couple of local ladies in Cusco. They were dressed in traditional gear and carried goods for market on their backs. They hovered around the back of this guy with dreadlocks who was sat on some steps in front of the cathedral. We sat watching as one of the ladies with a cheeky grin was checking to see if any one was looking and kept ducking as if to feel the dreads but never quite having the courage to go all the was so funny to watch her attempts and you could see she really wanted to have a feel.
The other was in a modern open air shopping centre in Lima. Many people walked around with big round eyes but the best thing to watch was the escalators. Many people obviously had not had experience of escalators before. There was lots of giggling, hesitation, crowding at the top etc. I remember this one old lady in a family group jumping on with the rest of the family still googling at the top. They waved at each other as she did the trip down. The other groups that I enjoyed were the cool kids who didn't want to look like they were phased but stumbled on and looked shocked with the moving handrail but then flicked their hair and struck a posed while looking nervously at the bottom step =).
We are now relaxing in Quito, Equador. 16 sleeps and counting. My laptop is now well and truly dead from altitude...oh well.

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