Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monkey face!

got it!
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Who'd have thought that breast milk was such good stuff, but the faces Nina pulls after a good feed look positively blissful! (and that's my arm, not my bosom, on the left of this pic, in case you're wondering).
Nina has just passed the one month mark, and it has been a pretty amazing month. As well as being just impossibly gorgeous, it feels like we've been blessed with a pretty easy-going bub as well. She's feeding well, sleeping pretty well and even her 2-3 screaming sessions each day are pretty tolerable at this stage. Mind you, have had visits from friends with slightly older babies and toddlers, we're realising that the screams are only going to get louder, so we're bracing ourselves for that!
But she's taken well to being walked around in the sling and pram, and has already become an accomplished bushwalker. The big test is an overnight trip to Sydney next week - mum is a little nervous about how the car trip will go, but there's a first time for everything.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Two babies get their outings

Baby one - Nina, 3 weeks old today, enjoying her second pram outing. A good hike for her parents too, as we walked to this spot all the way from home and back, a 2hr hour walk.
Baby two - Phil's NoSpuds bag, or more precisely, NoSpuds. This baby was delivered just before Nina, and can be viewed online at Feedback welcome!

New season mushrooms

Bianca picked our first wild mushrooms of the season...yum. Just had some with egg and goats cheese on sour dough bread. The rest will go on mushroom pizza tonight.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sock for gloves

It's enough to confuse any little girl. No wonder she has a frown. Bianca has taken to putting socks on Nina's hands to stop her scratching herself...when they wake up I need to tell Bianca about new fangled inventions like gloves and nail clippers...poor poor Nina.

Breakfast & Coffee


I’ve been meaning to write about my breakfast for ages and my coffee machine. I love my modded coffee machine! I added a temperature controller to my Rancillo machine to take out the faffage of ‘temperature surfing’ to get my machine to the right temperature for coffee (apparently 109.0°C). I’ve been drinking Campos Obama Blend which was a gift from some friends and it makes a really nice cup. Yum.

There are only 2 things that can help improve the start to the day...need I say more?

Obviously you need to check out NoSpuds for coffee courses and barista training ;)