Saturday, February 10, 2007

Day treck to Capua Waterfall

Capua canyon - Moss and Bianca

Capua canyon - Bianca rock hopping

Bianca has already described the waterfall and my trip underneath so I thought I would fill you in on the beautiful treck we did to get there. The trek is fairly new so isn't in guidebooks yet. Well worth doing.
Capua waterfall is at the head of a volcanic valley. To get there we stopped a a little town called Yura which was only 1 hour from Arequipa. From there we headed into the start of the canyon which had lots of green terraced fields and bubbling irrigation channels. The canyon was beautiful and lush at the bottom. The walls had a thick bed of moss in places which you can see looks like a green tide mark in one of the photos.
Often we were walking through the water which was crystal clear in most places. I had my rubber crocs shoes on which were ideal and fun when the mud squirts through the holes.
By the end we were bitten by little insects, scratched from the very sharp tall grass and I was sun burnt BUT it was well worth it! And yes the waterfall really stung when it hit my head and shoulders.

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