Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nerd Alert: RAID array

OK you dont have to read this...
BUT I have just finished setting up my RAID array for my desktop at home!
It's been sat around for 6 months and because I took the cheap route with the backplane (the box on the top) it took a lot of messing around.
It has 5 SCSI hard drives in it but acts like 1 drive for your computer so it is very fast and if one of the hard drives fizzle it just carries on, you just replace the dead drive. So I have got ½ terabyte of fast disk.
'So what am I going to use it for?' I hear you ask...
Well the first database I have loaded is the whole of the english wikipedia which I have loaded into SQL Server. In a raw version it is 25 gigabytes.
Next I need to get my spider crawling =)
Well I did warn you and it was up to you to carry on reading! :P

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