Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why I love working from home

Here's what I love about working from home:
- I can get up at 8am, have tea (or get it in bed if I play my cards right) and breakfast, then go back to bed for a digestive nap until I'm ready to start my brain up.
- I can spend the entire day in ugg boots and a warm, snuggly dressing gown if the mood takes me.
- I can talk live to air on radio stations around the country while wearing ugg boots and a dressing gown.
- I can cook chicken soup from scratch for lunch and eat it sitting in a bean bag while watching an episode of The West Wing.
- I can take the time to go for a walk to the shops while it's still light to get fresh stuff for dinner each day.
- I can watch fairy wrens playing chasies in the tree fern outside my office window.
- I can listen to Carmina Burana at bone-shattering volume while I work and no one complains.
- and I can do all this and still earn as much money as I used to make working 8 hours a day in an office.
Don't hate me...

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