Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Renovations nearly finished

Downstairs bathroom
The day is fast approaching when this room will be completed and our first guests will be able to have a loo all to themselves. What a treat.
After a week of fairly intensive painting, we've managed to get all surfaces looking lovely. This was my first experience of home painting, so I found it all rather exciting. The novelty wore off pretty quickly - in fact I think it was shortly after the THIRD coat of gloss that I had put on the effing door trim. I've managed to get paint on just about everything, including the inside of my mouth (don't ask - it took great skill), but it's ready for the sparkies to put in light fittings, and the floor sanders to get rid of all the plaster marks and burnish the beautiful Aussie timber floors to a high shine.
Can't wait! We'll have to have a room-warming party.

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David Jeffery said...

Ooh, looks very snazzy!