Monday, July 30, 2007

Potter the Brain Eater

I'm sure this experience is common to the partners of Harry Potter fans around the world. One's normally-responsive and active other half is transformed into a slothful creature with a book where its head should be. There is at least a ten second delay (if I'm lucky) between me speaking to this creature, and it returning from World Potter to respond to me. If it responds sensibly, that is an added bonus!
The upshot is, he's reading it so quickly that soon he'll be finished, and I'll get to play Book Sloth for a day.
All that aside, it is a well-earned rest day for Phil. He's been sanding and painting up a storm downstairs, and we've had two lots of (delightful) house guests stay with us this weekend.
Big big thumbs up to our favourite Blackheath eatery Ashcrofts for yet another fantastic meal and brilliant service.

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