Friday, June 15, 2007

Downstairs Grotto Reno

downstairs grotto reno
All this rain has meant that the builder has been able to get his team into our downstairs grotto.
It's good as it is totally separate from the rest of the house so we can stay warm while they work. The only thing we have had to do was empty it before they came, which considering the amount of crap the previous owner left, was no easy task (hence all our freecycling,
Next week the new windows and doors come and soon the wood floor will arrive. Its already plumbed into the central heating which are the silver pipes you can see in the ceiling.
So if you come and stay with us this is probably where you will stay =) with your own bathroom and warm well insulated space.
If you click through to the pictures you will see notes attached to tell you about the different bits.
Bianca writes: and for those of you curious about what all this means for our bush rat, the rat is rather curious too. It came in for a sticky beak the other day and was no doubt quite surprised to discover its favourite plastic chewables had all been moved. So unfortunately, renovations mean the rat will have to find a new home, unless of course it has been eaten by the new cat that seems to have moved into the neighbourhood

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