Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blackheath snow

Finally, our first snow fall as Blackheathens!
I woke up about 2am last night hearing the sound of tree branches snapping, and took a peek outside. The moon was brilliant and in my sleepy state I thought I could see snow but when I woke up this morning I thought I must have been dreaming.
But no! It snowed a bucket last night! Trees are down all over the place, everyone was out walking and playing in it excitedly at 7.30am this morning, small kiddies stumbling around not really sure what the weird cold white stuff was, adults trying to not to look as if they were just as excited as kiddies... so much fun. Apparently the road from Katoomba to Lithgow is blocked because of snow and ice, so I guess that means I won't be going to work today ... DOH! I am at work. oh well.
Lots more pics on my Flickr site

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