Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cute but destructive

Cute but destructive
Cockie damage
Cockie contemplating a nibble of balcony

Originally uploaded by Mistress B
I just love Australia's sulphur-crested cockatoos. As one of my mates commented, they are the 'bikie gang' of the bird world - loud, destructive, dominating and totally cocky.
As lovable as they are (even when screeching overhead like the devil's fingernails on a blackboard) they can do so much damage to a house. We've already had an inkling that they have caused problems in the past as many of the window frames bear ominous beak marks on them and are missing huge chunks from the timber.
Then today, I just happened across one of these little devils in the act of tucking into the balcony railing. Thankfully it had only just got started with one beakful before I chased it away, but I'm keeping a weather eye out for the buggers now.


Andrew Dempster said...

What's the plan? A scarecrow? Motion sensing alarm? Paint the timber with VB?

Bianca Nogrady said...

I think the best and cheapest course of action is regular application of the shout "Bugger off, you feathered little bastards!".