Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My brain is full, can I stop working now?

This is a completely gratuitous procrastination blog. I'm hard at work on a big project that is taking up every last one of my brain cells, it's 7pm, phil's in Sydney and I've got veges roasting in the oven to have with home-made pesto, fried halloumi, spinach and pasta. Of COURSE I can't be expected to concentrate on the Kreb's cycle! (it's a metabolic biochemical pathway - you don't want to know).
We've had a blissful two whole days without workmen coming to the house. I think we broke an all-time record last week with five lots of tradesman all turning up to the house on the same day to do completely separate jobs.
But the peace will be short-lived. This Thursday, we start putting the double-glazing in, which should considerably lower our heating requirements, reducing our greenhouse gas output (YAY!) and make the house a cosier place to be.
Of course, all these renovations don't come cheap, which is why I am sitting in front of my computer at 7pm. No rest for the wicked consumer.

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