Monday, May 07, 2007

Mudgee meets my liver

Guess who comes off second best! Yep, the old liver took a bit of a battering this weekend when Phil, Dean, Lisa and I headed out west to Mudgee - wine country. What a gorgeous part of the world, not to mention being home to Australia's most incredibly tasty reds, whites and sweet wines. We spent a very fun afternoon being bused around eight different wineries, and consumed approximately a bottle of wine each in tastings alone. I know we're supposed to be paying for a new kitchen (which is being installed as a write this) but we couldn't hep ourselves, and bought four and a half cases of vino. The plan is to cellar most of it ... at least, that's the plan. Exactly how we're going to stop ourselves drinking all these delicious reds is a bit beyond me, but we'll just have to see how we go!
We had beautiful accommodation in the old owner's house in the Pieter Van Gent winery, which also happened to have some of the tastiest sticky and fortified wines. Very handy that we ended up at this winery as the last stop on our tour, so were able to guzzle our way through their selection in alphabetic order then crawl home to our accommodation on our hands and knees.

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