Friday, May 25, 2007

Consume Consume

Roku Screen

Roku in the hand
I have been spending money =) after Bianca's rants I thought a bit of shopping therapy would help.
I have bought the BEST gadget eva.
But before I tell you about it I need to get the background excuses out of the way and so you can see why I obviously needed to spend the money. I have recently bought a good set of speakers, not that is not the gadget just something everyone needs, and I have been listening to lots of music again but I have found that I was missing a way to find new music. I was listening to the radio a fair bit before we moved to the mountains but [mountains ≠ good radio reception]. So I was thinking do we need to get a new aerial and wire it in or could we use digital radio or something. Digital radio has not really hit Australia and I don't think that would give me the breadth of listening. So I started wondering if there were any good Internet Radio gadgets that I could connect to the amp, that way I can access thousands of international radio stations.
I found the perfect solution to my consuming guilts! The Roku Soundbridge lets you listen to most internet radio stations and also most sound files you have on your network and it is sooo easy to set up.
I had it out of the box and working within 2 minutes. Plug it in and it found my wifi network, type in the wifi security code and immediately I could play BBC radio 5! Then I ticked a share option on iTunes and went back to the Roku and I could start playing all the stuff on my laptop all browse-able by genre, playlist etc.
To add new radio stations I go to the inbuilt website, yes it is a web server to, and add the address of the radio stream there. Oh I can also control it fully from my laptop or any computer on the network!!
OK so maybe you have no idea what I am going on about so just be assured that this gadget is the best eva and I really really needed it =)
Did I tell you that you can listen to what David Byrne is currently listening to...I know isn't the internet BRILL!

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