Friday, March 23, 2007

Mushrooms...wanna risk it?

milk saffron mushrooms
Bianca and I were at our favourite vegi café in the blue mountains, Niche Nosh, when 2 hairy mountain types walk in with a box of mushies. Now I am pretty sure that I have bought these before in an organic shop in the northern beaches and I seemed to remember them coming from pine forests and that they are very yellow. The owners of Niche Nosh looked a bit sidewards at the box and I think it was their first dealings with wild (grrrr) mushrooms. After chatting with the Niche Nosh people, and having a good feed, we left with a big bag of mushies for ourselves =)
This is where the in-built fear kicks in. Snakes, crocs, spiders and funny coloured mushies…there is a reason for it you know. So at home lunchtime the next day I find I keep asking Bianca ‘so what do you think?’ while reminding her that it is her fiancé that is asking and she doesn’t want to loose me (I hope). So after checking the oracle of all knowledge, google images, she gave me the go ahead. Mmmmm field mushrooms and milk saffron mushrooms fried in garlic on fresh sour dough bread coated with fresh goat’s curd.


Veggie Friendly said...

Milk. Saffron. Mushrooms. Can I come around to your house??

Bianca Nogrady said...

Hmm, guess we'll have to find some more of these before you fellas come up.