Sunday, March 04, 2007


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We've walked the Great Wall of China, touched Mt Everest, visited the Taj Mahal, ogled the Pyramids and climbed to Machu Picchu, but nothing touched our hearts like the sight of our beloved house Treetops when we arrived home yesterday afternoon. There ain't no place like home.
So the Hairy Mountain Folk are finally back in Terror Australis and it's bloody good to be back. Our house is in such great shape - it's even cleaner than when we left it and it was so lovely to find some drinkable goodies and cards here from you. Thank you all for looking after our home so well and hope to see y'all up here again soon.
And a specially big thank you and huge hugs to Lisa and Dean, who have been caretakers of Treetops, loved it, cleaned it and were even prepared to brave raging bushfires to rescue our belongings when fire threatened. Love yous!
This is just the beginning of our little blog, and we hope over the forthcoming years to be posting stories of weddings, parties, renovations and maybe even the patter of tiny hairy mountain feet.
Stay tuned.

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Eleanor Limprecht said...

Welcome back! Look forward to seeing you soon, it's been a great travel blog and I'm glad you're keeping it going. (I love the "patter of little hairy mountain feet"!)