Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I made this!

Birthday cake
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In celebration of Phil's 38th year on this earth, he requested a black forest gateau as a birthday cake. This request was actually made a few months ago, and I think he's been dreaming about it since then and drooling in anticipation.
Arrggg, the culinary pressure! Not to be cowed, I delved into the wonderous Stephanie Alexander's "The cook's companion' to produce this monster of a naughty cake. It was surprisingly easy to cook and a heck of a lot of fun to assemble, particularly as I whipped up way too much chocolate cream and soaked way too many cherries in brandy and made way too much chocolate icing, so of course all those extra ingredients had to be disposed of appropriately along the way.
The end result received a big chocolatey thumbs up from the Birthday Boy, although it was kinda hard to top the novelty of having Happy Birthday sung to him by the two staff at Kristi's Video Store (complete with dancing).
Happy birthday, my love!

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