Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Varanasi and the Ganga

All Happening

Dead Buffalo

Wash With Goat

Holy Man

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After many warnings that Varanasi was a hole Bianca and I had a great couple of days there.
Beautiful old city with many things to see. I really love the stuff that is still alive and kicking though and not the old relics of the past.
We got up early one morning, not early enough to see the sunrise though :( as everyone kept pointing out to us, and got an auto rickshaw to the Ganga Ghats. The river is used for everyday life teeth brushing, washing, morning rituals, spitting, rubbish removal, dead body removal etc. It is quite amazing to see even if you did miss sunrise.
We saw the obligatory dead body floating by as well as a few dead buffalo. We also saw a family burning a dead loved one and various ashes of past burnings being flung in the river (you need extra minty toothpaste in varanasi).

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