Friday, September 22, 2006

Kathmandu sunset

Kathmandu temple
Kathmandu sunset
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Our first full day in Kathmandu was spent wandering around in a happy daze. The city offers such a rich tapestry for the senses that my brain was exhausted by the end of the day just trying to absorb it all. The air is layered with tantalising smells of spices, incense and human bodies. Constant car horns blast around us but once we get into the smaller streets, they retreat to make way for bicycle bells and the urgent whistles of rickshaw men as they struggle to pull their passengers through the crush of people. A young cow wanders through the streets, earning slaps on the rump as it tries to grab a free sample of the vegetable traders' wares. The women are clothed in a stunning kaleidoscope of saris and brilliantly coloured fabrics spill from shopfronts whose windows glimmer with silver jewellery, gemstones and beads. Spirituality is everywhere - every few hundred metres there is a Hindu shrine with statues of gods annointed with red dust and the strangely decorated sadhus are everywhere, carrying their baskets of blessings. Such an amazing city!

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