Thursday, September 21, 2006

Arrived in Kathmandu =)

Arrived in Kathmandu =)
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We have finally arrived in Kathmandu! We could have easily got from Lijiang to Lhasa but we decided, in our ignorance, to go from Lijiang to Dali to Kunming to Shenzen to Hong Kong to Delhi to Kathmandu, with 8 hours overnight in Delhi Airport transit lounge =(
Well to be honest we have to pick up the tour in Kathmandu and our round the world flights meant we could not do the easy route.
Kathmandu is amazing. It has all the good stuff of India without, so far, all the bad stuff. People are happy and the weather is great. We are staying in an expensive (A$110/night including brekkie) hotel with pool to recover from the Delhi airport lounge.
You can see from the photo that we already have had a blessing from a Krishna Sadhu, red mark on forehead and petals in hair, and are enjoying the manic but happy streets of Kathmandu.
Lots more posts to come but on slow dial up connection. Stay tuned =)

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