Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The perils of being poorly

It's a bit dodgy having the sneezes and coughs in China because there are ads everywhere about bird flu and we keep having to fill in quarantine forms that ask if we have experienced sore throat (yes), diarrhoea (yes), cough (yes) and nausea (yes). Needless to say, neither of us much fancies being taken off behind a curtain and having our delicate regions subjected to close examination, so we're exercising some 'discretion'. After all, I'm a medical journalist so therefore fully qualified to make the judgement that Phil does not in fact have bird flu. He's not quacking ... case closed.
This is being typed from Shenzen airport, on mainland China just north of Hong Kong, where we are waiting for a plane to bear us to beautiful Guilin, jewel of Guangxi province. I'm sorry to leave Hong Kong - it was a top place. Thankfully we've got two more days there before we fly on to Nepal in 3 weeks time, so that will be an opportunity for some mad shopping and posting home.I've also decided that my dumpling and soy chicken levels are still not up to scratch, despite numerous boosts, so more of that being consumed, methinks.
Righto, boarding time.

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