Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nina's 3rd birthday

Nina's 3rd birthday by Bianca Nogrady
Nina's 3rd birthday, a photo by Bianca Nogrady on Flickr.

Hard to believe but three years have passed since Phil and I were handed an utterly gorgeous little bundle of squirm called Nina and took our first tentative and terrified steps as parents.
In an appropriate fashion - namely in a house packed to the rafters with toddlers, babies and parents - we celebrated Nina's third birthday this week. Her party was one to remember ... our ears are still ringing after nearly 20 kids and 20 adults somehow managed to cram into our house.
Nina was showered with presents and rather enjoyed being the centre of attention when her Elmer the Patchwork Elephant cake was brought out and everyone sang 'Happy Birthday'.
It was a wonderful day, and a fitting salute to this beautiful, hilarious, precocious, cheeky , loving little girl.

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