Monday, May 10, 2010

The baby who walks

Finally, after making very certain she was going to be good at it, Nina has decided to walk by herself. It's a momentous occasion for Phil and me, as it means we no longer have to walk around hunched over like Quasimodo as Nina clings to our hands (Phil more hunched than me, obviously).
She seems a lot happier now that she's able to reach out with both hands and pull things off shelves, benches and out of cupboards. The house is a bombsite, but we've given up on maintaining any semblance of order during the day, and just wait until she's in bed before we put back the DVDs, put away her toys, put the cookware back in the cupboards, put all my carefully ordered paperwork back in my in-tray and retrieve my credit cards from the bin, where she's posted them.

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