Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nina pumpkinhead

Nina pumpkinhead
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Nina's nickname of Nina Pumpkinhead (one of many terms of endearment we have for this little munchkin) is particularly appropriate since she absolutely loves pumpkin. It's like catnip for her - add it to any meal and you can guarantee most of it will go down, although she inevitably gets it all over her face and ends up with orange eyebrows.
These pumpkins are from our garden - first time I've grown them - so I'm pretty stoked. The garden has done magnificently this year thanks to good amounts of sun and rain. We got masses of snow peas, beans, broad beans, spinach, rhubarb, quite a few zucchini (courgettes), a few asparagus, quite a few raspberries and masses of blackberry (although these aren't technically in our garden but on the strip of council land next door)
We haven't blogged in ages but it's been a manic few months, especially with Nina waking up every 1-3 hours at night. But we've just finished 5 days at a residential sleep school and she now sleeps through the night ... hurrah!

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