Friday, August 28, 2009

Food wrangling

Food wrangling

Phil trying to get some food into Nina
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Despite her parents' fondness for their tucker, Nina is far more interested in the world around her than she is in eating. We've been getting all sorts of grief from the childhood health nurses over her weight - she sits right on the bottom of the healthy weight curve and this week has actually dropped off the healthy weight curve. We've tried every trick in the book to cram more milk into her but we've come to the conclusion that she's such an active little thing that she just burns up way more calories than she eats.
So the latest solution is to start her on solids, seeing as she's nearly 6 months old. We're trying some baby cereal to try to get some more calories into her (but still breastfeeding as well), but it's easier said than done ... as these photos show. I think more of the cereal ended up on her face than in her mouth, and it was helped by the fact that she kept trying to grab the spoon and do it herself!


Kara said...

It will get more interesting soon and you will be able to add more and more that will fill her up. I reckon you will see a difference in sleep in a week or so... good sleep that is...

Adding a bit of stewed apple, sweet potato, etc to the rice cereal is next - and I say, bring on the carbs!

My days are now spent pouring in food so that Theo sleeps at night. 3 meals a day + snacks + 4 breastfeeds! Phew! That is my life now, feeding, cleaning up the child and feeding area, changing horrible stinky naps then collapse in bed.

Well, at least she sleeps now!

Toni said...

Hi guys! Stop worrying! She will let you know when she is ready, ignore the nurse & the charts is my advice. 3 of my 4 very healthy kids have all been tiny. The medical profession don't know as much about Nina as she does. She is the picture of health, just beautiful & perfect.
Ivy didn't eat solids until 9 months, & then she ate whatever we ate. No cereal, unless it was my porridge. Processed baby cereals are not all they are supposed to be! Try a mashed banana or advocado, she's probably not keen on the cereal because it's processed, not very good for her & tastes disguting!! She has better taste than you give her credit for ( :

We have moved into our house, we'll have to have you over when we settle in a little more! Life is manic right now!

Tony said...

Good luck with the feeding Phil :D. Our six year old still does not eat. There are just way to many other more important things to do in the world. Eating, PAH who need it :P