Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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I know there's this thing called maternity leave (and paternity leave), whereby a couple produce a baby and then they both get a period of time where they don't work... but we seemed to have missed that memo.
With Phil going great guns on NoSpuds, and me working on a special big project (soon to be revealed) plus doing a story for Scientific American, I'm not sure we even had a week where we both truly stopped working.
But little Nina has been very accommodating of our foolishness, and as you can see from this photo, happily takes her afternoon siesta tucked up on Phil's chest, or in the sling on my chest. We're both learning to snatch time to work in between feeds, nappies, walks and screams, and so far are doing OK.
Mind you, I've decided when bub number 2 comes along, I am actually going to STOP work for at least 3 months... at least that's the plan.


Anonymous said...

You mention bub number 2 - are you already planning or just that you have a specific number in mind like 6?

Toni said...

Welcome to the wahm club (work from home mum)! I was working while in labour with number 4, back on the computer the next day, baby on breast, typing one handed. We must be mad. Don't work too hard though, they grow so fast & if you blink you'll miss it! I will come visit soon! chers, Toni