Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Got my motorbike fixed!!

glow worm tunnel


Along with a couple of trips down to Sydney I also managed to get in an off road trip for a walk and a look at a local glow worm tunnel that I hadn’t been to for years.

I’d forgotten how tiring dirt roads are on a motorbike. Your hands go numb with the corrugation of the dirt road and you have to really focus on the road surface for holes and slippery stuff. Lots of the time you are kinda half standing as you use your legs as a shock absorber. The next day my muscles ached. It was only 70km and I had big memories of doing over 500km of the Birdsville track in just one day...I was sooooo

The glow worm tunnel was brill, just as I remembered it. Luckily I remembered to take a torch as the middle of the tunnel is pitch black. The glow worms have a small blue’ish light and cluster like star constellations. The tree ferns outside were lush with the recent rains and I love the very big eucalypts around there.

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Bee said...

Wormy stars! Stary worms! Lovely place to go.