Saturday, April 28, 2007

Destroy Kitchen

Destroy the kitchen

Destroy the kitchen
Work has started on the kitchen!! For those of you who have not been to the house its worth describing the kitchen to you.
The kitchen is made up of many ‘pre loved’ bits that have been glued, screwed, nailed and pushed together. It looks ok when it’s full of kitchen stuff but it is TOTALLY impractical. The thick wooded tops leak and are uneven so the chopping board rocks. The cooker takes your arm hair off each time you light it, I have to remember to use alternate arms so I don’t look a freak. The inside of the cupboards have expanding chipboard (if ever you have had a leak you will know what I mean). So on and so forth…
Well we have a new kitchen planned, deposit has been paid and new kitchen hardware ordered =) and the builders are going sooo fast that it’s being installed in 1 ½ weeks!!
So we needed to start preparing for the installation. First thing that had to go was the shelf and big wooden pillar. We had been worried that the pillar was holding up the ceiling (Bianca still has a quick glance up there every couple of hours) and have asked a couple of builder as well as the architect who designed the house whether it was load-bearing but got no positive ‘no, don’t be silly’ but lots of ‘shouldn’t be’, ‘wasn’t in my design’ etc. I took the plunge and figured if it was load-bearing it would be hard to remove as the weight of the roof would be on it =)
Here are a few pics from the adventure. Needless to say that we still have roof and now no pole and shelf =). It’s really opened up the main room and we (well me really, Bianca’s still worried) are really excited about the new kitchen on the 7th. The bench tops will follow a week or 2 later cos they need measuring in situ.

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